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Learn modern Front End Development in a fun way.

Project oriented courses, created with love, completed in a fair amount of time. Every course is based on real world examples. No Foo or Bar here!

Premium Courses

Gatsby with Wordpress

Use Wordpress as a headless CMS with Gatsby.

Use React and the static site generator Gatsby to build a front end for a Wordpress site.

Free Courses

React Essentials | Movie App

Get good at React fast!

Do you love movies as much as I do? And are you tired of trying to find a tutorial that will teach you what you need to know about React? Do you like quick learning and straight down to the point? Then this is the course for you!Guaranteed no "foo" and "bar" ... and no "to-do-list" app ;)

Beginner Gatsby | Create a blog

Learn Gatsby fundamentals by building a real project.

Do you dare to not learn Gatsby in 2020? Gatsby is hot and is gaing more and more ground. Excel as a Front End developer by learning Gatsby and build blazing fast modern web sites and apps.

Svelte 3 | Movie App

Create a beautiful, modern Movie Application with Svelte from scratch

Do you want to improve your knowledge, value and be a top candidate in recruitment processes? Learn Svelte and be a top contender for modern Front End developer jobs!

React Tetris with Hooks API


Create a the classic game Tetris with React and the Hooks API. Are you a developer that like "code along" style learning? Do you want to learn React in a real world project oriented course? Do you like quick learning and straight down to the point? Then this is the course for you!

What people are saying ...

Enjoying every bit of the course!! He is expalining everything in so detail and with such clarity that you feel you are an experienced programmer.

Rahul RK

Thomas creates great content for web developers of all levels. He has recently done a project for my YouTube channel and his courses have very unique and relevant projects to help students learn a technology and use it in a real life application.

Brad Traversy

Excellent course on how to use Gatsby as a front end by querying data from a WordPress site. The instructor (Thomas) walks you through each step of the code and gets back to you in the Q & A if you're having problems.

Brent Allen

The instructor was very creative in figuring out a nice illustrative use case for the Movie DB API.

Tushar Sikand

This was a well put together course. I was looking for a way to integrate gatsby and WordPress, and this course not only fit the bill but exceeded my expectations...plus, after some tinkering, you get a template project that you can use to build other projects for clients and portfolios. Well done

Ian Baylis

I was looking for a course that walked you through React from a straight beginners point-of-view. This is exactly what this course is and I loved it! I feel like I really learned a lot and have retained what I've learned. It will seem repetitive at times, but you will remember what you need to do for each file when you start working through the course sections. I'm really glad I bought this and hope to purchase more courses from this instructor in the future.

Danielle Moss

Great React Course.. I could've saved $10,000 in Coding bootcamp if i had just taken this course first..!

Dennis Lee